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New De Agostini Editore Web TV launched at www.deabyday.tv

Milan, 25 February 2009 - The De Agostini Group's new Web TV is now online at www.deabyday.tv. It offers an extensive range of video content and in-depth information aimed at explaining how to do useful, everyday things in clear, straightforward language, all with a practical and functional slant.

DeAbyDay brings together the distinctive elements of De Agostini's history - the dissemination and transmission of ”how to” information - and uses them to create tools and stories useful in today's daily life with its many demands for answers to practical issues and the ever-increasing variety of ways to spend time at home and out, either on one’s own or with family and friends.

DeAbyDay is being launched with a line-up of three channels: Step One - How to do almost everything (cookery, the home, DIY, style and beauty, etc.); Baby Kit - How to become good parents (pregnancy, first months of baby's life, weaning, games, etc.); Secret Corner - Glimpses around the corner (hidden areas of the city, events, jobs, interests, environmental sustainability, ecology, bargain hunting, etc.). Currently totalling around 60 episodes, it is hoped to expand its content to 10 channels and about 250 clips by December 2009.

The three theme-based channels are organised into series of five to six episodes each, supplemented by an extensive range of in-depth content and blogs enabling users to exchange views and ideas with other users, the editorial staff and experts.

The video format provides a fresh mix of sit-coms and reporting combining entertainment with "education" in short clips produced each week specifically for DeAbyDay by a dedicated video producer, drawing on De Agostini’s wealth of publishing resources and network of experts for the in-depth content.

DeAbyDay is launching its site with the continued valuable collaboration of YouTube and MSN Video. Thanks to their participation, the Internet audience has already been able to show its approval of this service.

Advertising on DeAbyDay.tv will be managed by Pixel Advertising.

DeAbyDay is a project of De Agostini Editore S.p.A., which is produced and managed by the Digital De Agostini Division, the business unit headed by Pierfrancesco Gherardi dedicated to developing De Agostini's presence on digital channels: the Internet, digital television and the mobile platform.

De Agostini Editore, a wholly-owned subsidiary of De Agostini S.p.A., is an Italian multinational leader in the creation of content, products and services. It operates in 30 countries and publishes in 13 languages. De Agostini Editore is responsible for the co-ordination and strategic management of all the De Agostini Group’s operating companies in the publishing sector in Italy and throughout the world. Its operations are divided into the following business areas: Partworks, Direct Marketing, General Reference, Books and Cartography, School Texts and Digital De Agostini.



For information contact:

Elena Dalle Rive

Media Relations De Agostini S.p.A.

T + 39 02 62499592 - F + 39 02 62499553

Cell. 335 7835912

e-mail: elena.dallerive@deagostini.it


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